Quality and professionalism at your service

Thanks to the over 30-year experience of its staff, TinEurope specializes in the production and marketing of non-ferrous metal semi-finished products and plays a leading role both in Italy and in Europe. The company employs qualified staff managed by a highly experienced management team with excellent skills at technical, production and commercial level.

The result is a wide range of top quality products which can meet any need of use in various industrial sectors (galvanic, electronic, printed circuits, pewter rolled sections, anti-friction white metals and solder alloys).


The main raw materials used in the production cycle (Tin, Antimony, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Lead and Bismuth) are strictly controlled and their quality is proven by chemical analysis certificates scrupulously attached to the finished product.

The raw materials undergo smelting processes to obtain various alloys that are later subjected to:

  • Smelting
  • Rolling
  • Extrusion

and then completed with cutting, drilling and threading operations.

The entire production process, from smelting to delivery, is performed with advanced handling techniques for raw materials, careful control processes and skilled and qualified staff.

The products by TinEurope can be classified as follows:   

  • Lead rolled sections;
  • Pewter rolled sections;
  • Tin rolled sections;
  • Tin / lead alloy rolled sections;
  • Lead-based extruded anodes for galvanic industry used for hard chrome or decoration plating;
  • Tin extruded or rolled anodes  for electrolytic tinning;
  • Tin / lead alloy welding rods;
  • “lead free” alloy welding rods;
  • Welding wires and alloys for electrolytic industry;
  • Welding and products for printed circuits;
  • Spheres, cathodes and cylinders in Dhp copper;
  • Cast anodes for hard chrome or decoration plating;
  • Ingots of raw materials and various alloys:
  • Ingots of white metal in compliance with UNI 4515;
  • Nickel, copper and brass anodes and cathode.
  • Lead castings for seismic industry

All products by TinEurope are subject to quality testing at every processing stage, from raw materials incoming to packing and shipping of semi-finished products, in order to deliver products that meet all customers’ specific needs.

TinEurope can deliver the orders placed by its customers in very short time using both own transport means and expert carriers.

TinEurope is a member of Assopeltro-EPU (Associazione Italiana dei Produttori di Articoli in Peltro – European Pewter Union) and A.I.B. (Associazione Industriale Bresciana – Industrial Association of Brescia)