We can meet any customer needs in the production of tin anodes for rolling processes.

We can supply widths from 100mm to 400mm, thickness 10mm and lengths up to 1m.

A rolled anode offers the advantage of higher molecular compactness compared with extruded anode, as well as glossy surface compared with the matt surface of the extruded anode.
The supply can include drilling to design, according to customer needs.


TinEurope is the leader in Italy and in Europa for the production of tin-based rolled sections.
The main pewter alloys are:

  • L95% alloy consisting of (Sn 95%, Sb 4%, Cu 1%
  • L92% alloy (Sn 92%, Sb 6%, Cu 2%)
  • L93% alloy (Sn 93%, Sb 7%);
  • L97% alloy (Sn 97%, Sb 2.5%, Cu 0.5%).

Unlike our competitors we produce plates of width up to 1000mm.
Currently we produce the following semi-finished products:

  • PLATES with width up to 1000 mm and length depending on thickness, both in rolls and flat sheets
  • DISCS with various diameters and thicknesses
  • SQUARES, STRIPS and RODS on customer request
  • CIRCLE SECTORS to customer design
  • TAPES of various widths and thickness of min. 0.10 mm.
Tin and lead alloys

This type of rolled section is mainly used for the production of organ pipes.
Two different types are available: an “antique” version, which is the result of a smelting and planing process of the plate and a more traditional one obtained through milling.

The tin percentage contained in these alloys ranges from min. 5% to max. 95%.

Alloy plates

Our company can provide tin/lead or tin/lead/antimony alloy plates generally used for the production of organ pipes.

The percentage of tin in the alloy may vary from 5% to 90%, to obtain various lengths and thicknesses depending on the type of alloy and the compactness of the material being processed.


We can supply tapes made of tin or alloy with various widths and thicknesses according to the requirements of the molding process.
This type of product is already known for being used for wine labels and general labeling of high quality products.


Il nostro staff tecnico è a completa disposizione del cliente per lo studio e valutazione di nuovi progetti e necessità di produzione, con evasione delle richieste in tempi rapidi.

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