We offer a full service to electronic companies complete with all elements necessary for welding of components on printed circuits.

Self-welding wires

Still frequently used, the self-welding flux-cored wires are available with three different types of core and different features targeted to the use type:

NO CLEAN: low-residue wires with the same type of resins contained in traditional self-welding wires, but in a lower quantity. The flux is synthetic and evaporable, which allows higher welding speed with practically zero residue.

RESISTANN: the resin content is higher than the NO CLEAN, particularly suitable for manual and automatic welding. This type of wire is resin-based, the flux residues are not corrosive and can be left or simply removed with solvent.

ANOSSISTANN: ideal for welding on oxidized metal components (such as copper, iron and related alloys). It contains acid flux (just over the RESISTANN) therefore washing of the part is recommended at the end of the operation.

INDIUM / TIN WIRE: a low melting temperature wire used as security alloy.

Fluxes and diluents

We supply NO CLEAN water- or alcohol-based fluxes for porous septum or spray, including related diluents on request.

Alcohol-based fluxes are now among the most frequently used due to their lower acid content compared with self-welding wire and the lower amount of residues.

Water-based fluxes are totally compliant with the new safety standards for operators, including environment protection, and offer exactly the same results as the alcohol-based fluxes.

Bar solders

We produce solders for electronics, from the traditional tin/lead 63/37 (eutectic alloy) to the most common lead-free alloys, including:

  • Tin / Silver / CopperĀ  (TSC 0307 with 0.3 % silver and 0.7 % copper)
  • Tin / Silver (TSC0300 with 0.3 % silver and copper free)
  • Tin / Copper / Nickel +Ge (TNG VE)
  • Tin / Copper (T 100 with 0.7 % copper)

These bars/rods are suitable for tanks of wave soldering machines and HAL machines.
These products are obtained through extrusion to improve alloy and reduce the slag amount resulting from the melting process.

Bars come out of production in 1kg format and then are packaged for sale in packs of 20 pcs.

Solder pastes

The solder paste is crucial in the assembly process of electronic components for SMD soldering. We supply SAC305 lead-free and Sn/Pb no clean solders to companies in the sector.


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